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Science came from the latin word scientia which means knowledge derived from observation and study. Can you imagine that the laws of nature can be grasped? Truly, our mind has been wired to understand these beauty and elegance in creation. However, these beauty and elegance must not make us worship the laws for they have no ontos. Beauty and elegance must always be attributed to the grand Designer. God is truly amazing!


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On Sunday nights here at Grace Church for many months, we have been dealing with very important matters of theology, great doctrines that are critical for our understanding of the Christian faith, and therefore our service to the Lord. And tonight I want to embrace one that is certainly foundational, I want to call it, “The Theology of Creation…The Theology of Creation.” Creation is a theological issue, not a scientific issue. Theology is the only source from which we have any information about creation. Any study of creation must come in the framework of theology because it is a word from God.

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