Do women have the right with the life that is in their womb? Do women have the prerogative to decide for the life of that child?

How about cases like rape? You might say the thing inside the womb is not a living being yet until it comes out of the womb. If that is true what is life then? Really, what is life? Do we just use biology dictionaries to define for us what is life? If a thing therefore has some movement, excretion, reproduction, respiration, irritability, need for nutrition and growth, can we call that thing a life then? Since this is usually the standard where unbelieving biologists want to define life, they would really include plants to be living things; even though plants don’t have any rationality, consciousness, emotions, will, and transcendence, they are considered by some as living things.

Isn’t it ironic that secular biologists would consider plants as living things, but think of an embryo as a non-living thing? Isn’t it a desperate delusion on the part of us, sinners, to deny the obvious?

I’ve heard some mothers ignorantly telling their stubborn children, “I made you in my womb. You should obey me,” when in fact, they did not know a thing about molecular biology and genetics. Did our mothers and fathers made us inside our womb? Did they determine our physical features? Absolutely not. The psalmist David tells us clearly that it was God who made us in our mother’s womb (Psalm 139:13).

An embryo is absolutely a life in the womb! How heinous it is to take the life of another just for selfish reasons and purposes. Abortion is murder!

Ray Comfort has made an excellent documentary on this issue:

Children are a gift from the Lord. Oh, how I ought to give thanks to the Lord for protecting me and allowing me to live! When I was in my mother’s womb, I was supposed to be aborted, but here am I breathing God’s grace.