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God does not need to save us from our sins. He is does not have any debt to anybody. But Hes saves because He is love.

We have offended the most glorious Being in the universe. There is no hope for us apart from His mercy and grace. Run to Christ. Flee to Him and ask Him to save you. He is such a Mighty Savior.

Christians are owned because they were bought with a price. They were bought not with silver or gold, but with the precious blood of the Lord Jesus Christ–the Lamb of God without blemish or spot.

The Greek word doulos means nothing more than a slave. Look that up in a Greek dictionary. Some Christians are afraid of the idea that we are slaves of God because the word slave has a derogatory idea. This is not the case if God is your Owner.

If your owner is the One Who loves you so much and all that He does is for His glory and your good, there is nothing better than to be His slave.