Category: Hymns and Spiritual Songs

Amazing Grace

God’s grace is absolutely amazing. This song was written by the English poet John Newton, the slave-trader who became a preacher.

And Can It Be

I really love this song; there are many versions for this song but I like this one because it is simple, it does not have a noisy contemporary genre, and it uses the classic musical arrangement of the song.

Though some Christians would say that the Wesley brothers (both John and Charles) were synergists, this song really exalts God and it presents the grace of God magnanimously.

Note: Please ignore the background picture. In the Bible, whenever angels appear to man, they do not appear as creatures that have wings. They always appear in human likeness–with an exception in the book of Revelation, but most of the time they appear to man in human likeness. When they do reveal themselves with wings, they are in their real glorious state that they do not look like men but rather terrifying creatures.