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Is there really no evidence for the Exodus, for the Israelite people, Jewish Religion (Judaism) three thousand years ago? There are now a lot of liberals, who want to call themselves scholars, love to deny the evidences of the Bible found through archaeology. Why? Not because the evidences are really contrary to the Bible, this is not even merely political issue–though there is a shed of greed and corruption behind the twistings of the evidences, but ultimately, the reason of wanting to discredit the Bible is sin.

Man from beginning of the fall, has been hiding from God. The case is not about a hidden God, a God who has really no evidence of existence, but this is a case of hiding men before a God Who sees everything including our deepest secrets and thoughts. Men’s depravity is such that they would be willing to deny the obvious and make lies appear to be truths, and claim that the truth claims of the Bible are actually lies.

Evidences, no matter how many and clear, presented before the outright liars and those who hate God, would not make them repent of their sins and trust in Christ.

There is a time and a place for evidential apologetics, but the salvation of sinners does not result from evidences placed before their eyes. The salvation of the lost, if there would be a true salvation, always results from the simple proclamation of the Gospel, not through the profundity of evidences and eloquence of the apologist. The Gospel alone is the the foreordained means of God unto salvation (Romans 1:16). Evidential apologetics boosts the confidence of the believers. For unconverted sinners, the simple proclamation of the Gospel, and its demands for the sinner–repentance and faith, is the news needed.

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