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Celebrating the Passover.

Matthew Vine giving his lecture in a United Methodist Church

I was looking for a video on YouTube when I stumbled upon this video titled “The Gay Debate”, I was curious as to the content of this video for I know that this issue is not debatable. The Bible’s position regarding this matter has never change. Homosexuality is condemned in the Word of God.

I just want to listen to the introduction because I was curious where he was coming from. I was surprised as to how he twisted all the Bible verses that condemns homosexuality. He uses a lot of playing with the emotional heart strings. Basically, he need to change the meaning of Scripture so that he could have his version of christianity that embraces homosexuality.

I was really reminded of the serpent in the Garden of Eden that said, “… did God really say … no … you will not surely die … your eyes will be opened and you will be like God, knowing good and evil.” – Genesis 3.

He needs to give his lecture because “Adams” and “Eves” have eyes that are not yet open to the truth that homosexuality is really a good and acceptable thing. These schemes are not new. This is not a theological debate. What kind of joke is this? Is there such a thing as a “gay” Christian? God will vindicate His Word. Let him who has ears hear the warnings of Scripture. “Do not be deceived, no homosexual will ever enter the Kingdom of God.” – 1 Corinthians 6:9-10

God does not need to save us from our sins. He is does not have any debt to anybody. But Hes saves because He is love.

We have offended the most glorious Being in the universe. There is no hope for us apart from His mercy and grace. Run to Christ. Flee to Him and ask Him to save you. He is such a Mighty Savior.

Christians are owned because they were bought with a price. They were bought not with silver or gold, but with the precious blood of the Lord Jesus Christ–the Lamb of God without blemish or spot.

The Greek word doulos means nothing more than a slave. Look that up in a Greek dictionary. Some Christians are afraid of the idea that we are slaves of God because the word slave has a derogatory idea. This is not the case if God is your Owner.

If your owner is the One Who loves you so much and all that He does is for His glory and your good, there is nothing better than to be His slave.



Do women have the right with the life that is in their womb? Do women have the prerogative to decide for the life of that child?

How about cases like rape? You might say the thing inside the womb is not a living being yet until it comes out of the womb. If that is true what is life then? Really, what is life? Do we just use biology dictionaries to define for us what is life? If a thing therefore has some movement, excretion, reproduction, respiration, irritability, need for nutrition and growth, can we call that thing a life then? Since this is usually the standard where unbelieving biologists want to define life, they would really include plants to be living things; even though plants don’t have any rationality, consciousness, emotions, will, and transcendence, they are considered by some as living things.

Isn’t it ironic that secular biologists would consider plants as living things, but think of an embryo as a non-living thing? Isn’t it a desperate delusion on the part of us, sinners, to deny the obvious?

I’ve heard some mothers ignorantly telling their stubborn children, “I made you in my womb. You should obey me,” when in fact, they did not know a thing about molecular biology and genetics. Did our mothers and fathers made us inside our womb? Did they determine our physical features? Absolutely not. The psalmist David tells us clearly that it was God who made us in our mother’s womb (Psalm 139:13).

An embryo is absolutely a life in the womb! How heinous it is to take the life of another just for selfish reasons and purposes. Abortion is murder!

Ray Comfort has made an excellent documentary on this issue:

Children are a gift from the Lord. Oh, how I ought to give thanks to the Lord for protecting me and allowing me to live! When I was in my mother’s womb, I was supposed to be aborted, but here am I breathing God’s grace.

Is Hell really eternal? How could an infinitely Holy God send people to Hell, a place of torment He created, for all eternity? Let us say that a wicked man lived on earth for eighty years, would it be just to torture a man who lived a wicked life, for eighty years, in the Lake of Fire for all eternity—an unending duration of time? If God is so loving, can’t God just let that man be consumed by the flames and vanish from existence? After all, God isn’t sadistic is He?

Universalism is the idea that after some torment of people in Hell, or even without a need for suffering in Hell because of all the sins committed against God, God would eventually have mercy on them and grant them fellowship with Him. That God is too loving to allow the sufferings of people without end. Universalism is far more heretical than annihilationism—the idea that sinners would suffer in Hell, but would eventually stop from existence once they have been consumed by the flames, since sinners are not raised with glorified bodies the way Christians are.

Here are some universalists refuted by Christians using the truths of the Bible:

The False Teachings of Dallas Willard.

Greg Boyd’s Bad Theology

It is really hard to think of a loved one spending his/her eternity in Hell. But in the end, we would realize that in reality the people we loved and have been with us while here on earth have been covered by the grace of God; and so, all the good things about them that we loved are actually the grace and goodness of God upon their lives.

After God’s judgement for the unbelievers, no one in Hell would really desire forgiveness of sin and reconciliation to God. Have you not read that people who will be cast outside God’s loving presence will be in a place where “…there shall be weeping and gnashing of teeth”?  (Mat 8:12)

So great is human depravity, that apart from the grace of God, nothing but evil is left to man.

People don’t gnash their teeth because they are sorry. If you would look at all the appearances of the gnashing in the Bible, you would find no place where people gnash their teeth because of an intense desire to repent and change. No. People gnash their teeth in indignation against the God Who is torturing them for all their evil. Aside from that, people who would go to Hell will never stop sinning. In fact, people in Hell are worst sinners than they are here on earth; because here, they are restrained by God according to His will. In Hell, sinners are unrestrained in their sinful nature. In Hell, what will sinners do is curse the God to whom they have no ability to fight against. The nature of unrepentant sinners in Hell are fixed, and they have no chance of salvation; they don’t have any possibility of desiring to repent and ask for forgiveness either. I remember a dear pastor who said, “If there would be a soul who would repent in Hell, that soul would be saved, but there is none who would ever do that.”

The latest universalist heretic is no other than…

Okay, Rob Bell is clearly not a Christian. What about Billy Graham? You might ask, “Is Billy Graham a universalist too?” For some, Billy Graham is no doubt a Christian, but I don’t know about his new position on the matter. Well, just listen to pastor John MacArthur on the issue of inclusivism and Billy Graham:

Please, don’t get me wrong. I’m not saying that Christians don’t like to have a lot of people in Heaven. Far from it, it is our desire to see people converted and saved. However, we as Christians, do not say that a person can be saved apart from faith in the Lord Jesus Christ. The Lord Jesus Christ is the only way to Heaven.